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Are you on a dry campus? That's okay. Just hide your beer. Become a ramen noodle master chef: Reddit  If your laptop is overheating on your lap, flip one of these over and set the laptop on top. You can almost always find

Ever wonder what state produces the smartest people? Put your mind at ease because we have the results. States were graded on 21 factors, including student achievement and attendance, positive outcomes, strong student-teacher relationships and school district efficiency. The study

Using a muffin tin, you can make deep dish pizza cupcakes. Buy the $0.50 pizza dough mix where you simply add water. Put everything you want inside of it (pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, sausage, etc.). Finally, bake it for as long

One of the easiest ways to make yourself study is to give yourself an incentive. Like pictured below, when you get to certain area of your readings, reward yourself with a gummy bear. It may seem childish at first, but

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