Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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12 Healthy Ways To Quickly Get Over A Breakup

Give yourself time to grieve. No matter what people tell you, a breakup is considered a loss. No matter how the breakup occurred, you are losing a major part of your life. It is going to take time to adjust to a new lifestyle. A broken heart doesn’t heal over night, and you shouldn’t want it to. After a breakup, ... Read More »

20 Things You Should Tell Your Partner Daily

“I love your mind.” Beauty will fade, but their mind will last forever. Chances are their sense of humor and passionate thoughts will never go away. Something that is easy to overlook when dolling out compliments is your partner’s mind. We live in a superficial world with models and bodybuilders at every turn, but that is no excuse to let ... Read More »

9 Major Myths About Relationships

Homosexual relationships are different from heterosexual relationships.  One of the most popular myths is that homosexuals are less likely to be faithful to their partners. According to recent studies, homosexual male couples were more likely to indulge in an open relationship. However, many people confuse being in an open relationship with cheating.If two people agree to be in an open ... Read More »