Friday, February 23, 2018
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10 Unexpected Things That Make You A Better Person

There is little incentive to develop yourself when life is full of happiness and success. One does not just become a good person overnight. Being a good person comes from life experiences, specifically the hard times. However, it’s not the moments that help you become a better person, but rather how you handle those situations. Here are a few of those ... Read More »

How To Stop Crying

We’ve all been in situation where your tears start flowing like the Nile River and you need to put an stop to it immediately. For guys, it could happen during a chick flick your new girlfriend is making you watch and it’s still too early in the relationship to show that much emotion. If you’re a girl, you know how ... Read More »

No More Crying While Chopping Onions

Tired of crying while chopping onions? We have a few simple solutions. 1.) Chew gum. 2.) Let a slice of bread hang out of your mouth. 3.) Don’t form an emotional connection with the onion. Try these and you’ll never cry while chopping onions. It should be noted that you gum and bread absorbs the onion smell and will cause ... Read More »