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10 Choices You Will Regret In 10 Years

Unless you simply aren’t human, you probably find yourself asking the oldest question in existence: how can we find happiness? Unfortunately for us, there is no book on happiness that gives us a direct route to the nearest smile that is guaranteed to stick around for days at a time. Instead, we have to write our won book. We have ... Read More »

Signs You Are Truly Happy

Finding happiness is everyone’s ultimate mission in life. We strive to find happiness and success for ourselves and those around us. To be blunt, you will never be as happy as you dream you can be. You’ll find there is always something you are missing, and that’s okay. But how do we know when we are truly happy? Read More »

12 Indicative Signs Of Emotional Eating

As human beings, we are almost all guilty of emotional eating. The problem with emotional eating is when it becomes a habit. When it becomes a habit, we associate sadness or happiness with food. When we are sad, our brain starts to tell us that food will cheer us up. This mindset leads to obesity and other diseases that can ... Read More »

How To Battle Depression And Win

Depression  is one of the normal reactions to a bad day or bad situation. It can drag you down, as if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. It can even drive you to a state of temporary insanity. If you’re feeling suicidal from severe depression, it’s important to seek professional help immediately. Some cities even have excellent ... Read More »

9 Things That Will Kill Your Sex Drive

Arguing, lying, and cheating can all ruin a relationship. However, losing your sex drive can be the most depressing of the bunch. There are many things that contribute to a low sex drive, such a lower testosterone or an increase in stress. We’ve compiled a list of the things you need to be on the look out for to avoid ... Read More »

14 Illnesses You Didn’t Know Marijuana Treats

Marijuana was made illegal in all 50 states by the mid 1930’s. In a recent poll, over 60% of Americans said they would be in favor of legalizing marijuana. Not only is it less dangerous than alcohol, but marijuana treatment can help fight diseases. Read on to see how it can be beneficial. Unlike alcohol and despite what some people ... Read More »