Sunday, December 17, 2017
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9 Items You Never Thought To Keep In Your Car

Every driver knows that you should keep a roadside emergency kit and a good first aid kit in your car. It’s also common sense to keep a copy of your car insurance card in with the learning manual for you car model. But sometimes the unexpected occurs and you’re stuck in a situation in your car that you didn’t prepare ... Read More »

15 Strange Uses For Duct Tape

Spandex may look sexy but it can also be pretty expensive. For a cheaper alternative, wrap select parts of your torso with duct tape.   The form-hugging property of vinyl will highlight your contours and give you an eye-popping sexy look. Getting dates will be much easier once they imagine your figure just by looking at your duct tape dress. ... Read More »

DIY Home Security System

Don’t want to spend money on a home security system? We have a really ghetto cheat that works surprisingly well. If you attach duct tape poppers to the top of your door, thieves won’t be able to see/hear it coming. It will scare everybody when it goes off! Read More »

How To Find The Tape Tear

We’ve all spent countless minutes trying to find where we last tore the duct tape. Now you’ll never have to look again. Just put a paper clip on the tear after you rip a piece off. It may seem like a waste of time now, but you’ll definitely save time later! Read More »