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How To Make A Bacon And Egg Breakfast Baguette

We all lo0k for the perfect bacon breakfast recipes out there and we all say we have the best one.  Truth be told, there really isn’t a bad recipe out there when bacon is involved, but that is my personal opinion.  For breakfast, most would say that a bacon sandwich is the way to go, be it on a english ... Read More »

How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Have you ever tried to hard boil eggs, only to have them still runny when you finished?  With this no fail cheat, you will come out with perfect hard boiled eggs every time!  The process is pretty much the same as how you normally do it, but with one little secret.  That secret would be to poke a hole in ... Read More »

Memory Boosting Foods

It’s not just the elderly who suffer from bad memories. We all have our moments where we can’t remember the most simple of things. A healthy diet is always a good thing, but these foods in particular can help boost your memory. 1.)Avocado Avocados contain heart healthy fat and a little bit of fat goes a long way in boosting ... Read More »