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6 Ways To Win At Tinder

“Like” a lot of things on Facebook. Dating with tinder can be addicting, but how do you make sure you’re finding someone who is a good match for you? It’s something you may not think about, but liking a lot of pages on Facebook will increase the number of talking points and common interests you have with other people using Tinder. ... Read More »

13 Ways Facebook Will Ruin Your Relationship

Relationship Status Since the dawn of Facebook, one of the unwritten rules of life is you are not officially in a relationship until it is posted on Facebook. You must both hit “okay” so your names are forever linked on each other’s page until the unthinkable happens. So why is this a problem? Many people do not like to have ... Read More »

How To Get People To Follow You On Twitter

Getting Twitter follows by the hundreds isn’t a mystery. There are hundreds of websites that will let you purchase Twitter followers, but why would you spend your money when you can get free Twitter followers? Besides, the followers they are selling are typically bots and not real people. If they are real people, they don’t care anything about you. You ... Read More »

8 Life Cheats For Facebook

You Can Appear Offline to Certain Friends Open your Facebook chat window, click the settings icon in the upper right corner and then go to “Advanced Settings.” You can customize who you appear online to here. This could cause some serious arguments, so be careful. Read More »