Friday, December 15, 2017
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10 Best Cities For Hooking Up

(*These cities are listed in no particular order.) Nashville, Tennessee Believe it or not, the Music City is a great city for singles to live. Since the turn of the century, Nashville has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States. With hundreds of fun-themed bars to thousands of talented people moving to the city every year ... Read More »

8 Things Young People Should Know About Love

Love has no age. Whether you’re 12 years-old walking down the hallway of your middle school, or 23 years-old and graduating college, you feel as if you could meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with at anytime. Love truly does have the power to blind us from reality. Of all of the emotions human beings experience, ... Read More »

10 Crazy Facts About Love You’ve Never Heard

What comes to your mind when you start think about love? For most people, walking down the isle to get married, a first kiss or first date, and the first time you admitted to yourself and partner that you were in love. When you’re in love, colors are brighter, people are happier, and life is generally better. Everywhere you look ... Read More »