Friday, February 23, 2018
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What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Plant?

Growing your own vegetables is not only fun, but it’s a very healthy hobby that most of us should probably pick-up. Unless you are a farmer and make a living from gardening, you probably don’t know the best times of the year to put your seeds in the ground. Planting your crops at the right time can make or break ... Read More »

14 Life Hacks For Fruit

Did you know you can make ice cream out of frozen bananas? Take two to four ripe bananas, peel them, and let them sit in the freezer for an hour. Then slice them up and pop ‘em in the blender! You’ll end up with a smooth, yummy treat. If you’re feeling frisky: Add two tablespoons of peanut putter or chocolate chips. ... Read More »

8 Amazing Uses For Bananas

Shine Shoes Or Silverware When you’re finished with your breakfast banana, don’t throw out the peel. Remove the stringy material from the inside, then rub the soft inside of the skin all over your shoes. When you’re done, buff it up with a soft cloth or paper towel. The same technique can be used for silverware. Some even claim that it works ... Read More »