Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Walmart Bingo

Everybody knows that “people watching” at Walmart has become quite the hobby for shoppers across the world. Next time you find yourself suffering from a severe case of boredom, print out Walmart Bingo and see how long it takes for you complete a row! Read More »

7 Surprising Ways Playing Video Games Are Healthy

Childhood wouldn’t have been the same without your parents setting time limits for how long you could video games before being told to go play outside. Where too much of any one thing can be a bad thing, it’s time we put the negative stereotypes about video games to rest. Video games are actually therapeutic for children with chronic illnesses. ... Read More »

Getting Into The Minds of the Elusive Female Gamers

While composing 47% of the gamer population as of 2012, female gamers have traditionally represented a distinct minority of total gamers. Other studies conclude that on average girls can complete games faster than their male counterpart. On top of all of this, women are becoming more prominent figures in the video game industry. Whether it’s video game designing, video game programming, or even ... Read More »

How To Get Infinite Lives On Candy Crush

If you’re on an iPhone, just go into “Settings,” then “General,” scroll down and click “Date & Time.” Make sure “Set Automatically” is turned off and change the time to a few hours in the future. Then go back to Candy Crush and enjoy your new lives. Read More »