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Shaving is not only frustrating, but it can also leave you with razor burn and cuts all over your skin. There's a way to remove all of the body hair you want to without the use of razor or shaving

Have razor bumps? Put deodorant on your bikini line after shaving to prevent them. You can use mascara as liner. A pumice stone will defuzz your clothing. Deodorant is a great mattifier for your face. A hair dryer will instantly defog a mirror. For faster

Use spin pins instead of bobby pins for easy, secure buns. Sleep with a beanie while your hair is wet to fight frizz. Dry your hair by pressing it with a towel instead of rubbing it if you're prone to frizz. If all

At some point in your life, you will suffer from severe dandruff or Psoriasis. Dandruff is something everybody experiences. Some people experience it multiple times per year. We've compiled several all-natural ways to defeat dandruff and get you back in your

Tired of seeing hair clips everywhere? Not only are they all over the bathroom floor, you also never have one when you need it. Start storing your hair clips in an empty Tic Tac container. You'll never lose them again!

One of the worst things about having a pet is the shedding. Does it seem like no matter how much you brush them you can't get the hair off? Grab a dryer sheet. Run a dryer sheet over your pet's

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