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10 Fitness Apps You Should Be Using

Zombies, Run! For $3.99, Zombies, Run! is an audio adventure and game rolled into a running workout. Players act as the character “Runner 5” through a series of missions, during which they run and listen to various audio narrations to uncover the story. While running, the player collects supplies such as ammunition, medicine and batteries, which can be used to build and expand ... Read More »

30 Day Push Up Challenge

The next challenge we have in store for you in the list of 30 day challenges isn’t going to be an easy one or one for those easily deterred.  I’m not going to lie, this will probably be the hardest exercise programs that we have here, but if you can make it through this one, there won’t be too many ... Read More »

30 Day Cardio Challenge

Much like the other “challenges” we have given you, this one focuses on your cardio.  This is an important aspect of personal health and one that should not be overlooked.  There are several options to build up your cardio either at home or at the gym.  Most gyms offer ellipticals or treadmills.  As a matter of fact, cardio is so ... Read More »

The Proper Way To Wash Fruits And Veggies

As with any type of healthy weight loss, dieting is the biggest factor.  But what price are we paying to eat our fruits and vegetables?  All of them are covered in pesticides, which are used to help protect the plant from the damaging effects of weeds, diseases, and insects.  Luckily, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations on what ... Read More »

The 30 Day Wall Sits Challenge

Just like a previous with the 30 plank challenge, this challenge is another great core and upper leg workout.  And is designed to be very basic and simple at the beginning and get tougher as the days progress.  Again, while this workout won’t give you immediate results, it will help you in the long run, along with a proper diet ... Read More »

8 Habits of Highly Healthy People

Habit #1: Purpose Health doesn’t just involve what you put in your body and how much exercise you get. Mental health is something you should focus on first and foremost. Highly healthy people live and die by their purpose. Typically, the purpose of a healthy person is something that is bigger than themselves that they must strive to achieve. Whether that comes ... Read More »

18 Things Every Adult Must Avoid

IRS Debt Do you enjoy the government going through your personal finances and bank accounts? Hopefully you’ve never had to experience it, but you will if you get in debt with the IRS. You will spend your weekends studying tax debt relief and meeting with your accountants. At a young age, it may feel like you have better things to ... Read More »

15 Healthy Reasons Why You Need A Make Out Buddy

At first thought, most people would think that kissing probably isn’t the most hygienic thing you can. There’s nothing real appealing about swapping spit and germs with someone else, but there are actually several solid benefits to kissing. Kissing Burns Calories Kissing is no substitute for the regular workouts required to lose weight. On the other hand, a really passionate ... Read More »

10 Surprising Benefits Of Cuddling

Cuddling releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical that is very much needed in relationships. It does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected to others. A lack of oxytocin can create the “lonely” feeling we all hate. Read More »