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10 Cheats For Quickly Burning Fat & Getting Ripped

Take More Pictures The camera never lies, right? Mirrors on the other hand do lie. Women seem to think mirrors add 30lbs. and men typically think they look like John Cena. Scales can also lie to you. If you work out on a regular basis, you scale may misrepresent you weight. It may not show that you actually have lost ... Read More »

15 Workout Cheats To Quickly Build Muscle

Work out at the right time of day. The time of day when you choose to work out can make a difference when it comes to working out to your maximum potential. According to several fitness instructors, you should avoid working out first thing in the morning. This is because the discs between your vertebrae fill with fluid during your ... Read More »

Thor’s Diet & Workout Routine

When Chris Hemsworth was cast as Thor, he obviously had to put on a ton of muscle to properly represent the Marvel hero. The Thor workout includes a lot of factors, but the most essential elements of this workout is performing heavy lifts in order to achieve more muscle mass. Not only did this weight loss program work for Chris, it ... Read More »