Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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8 Habits of Highly Healthy People

Habit #1: Purpose Health doesn’t just involve what you put in your body and how much exercise you get. Mental health is something you should focus on first and foremost. Highly healthy people live and die by their purpose. Typically, the purpose of a healthy person is something that is bigger than themselves that they must strive to achieve. Whether that comes ... Read More »

12 Foods That Help With Sleep

Are you one of the unfortunate individuals who has a terrible time falling asleep at night? You’ve probably tried every sleep medication known to man and counted every sheep on the face of the Earth, and still nothing helps with sleep. Unfortunately, everyone’s body is different and there isn’t one single cure. There are steps you can take that should ... Read More »

12 Horrible Things That Happen When You Lack Sleep

Lack of sleep is becoming a serious problem in American cultures. Almost 40% of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep a night and an estimated 70 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and insomnia. Before you lay down and go to sleep (or watch TV and browse the internet for hours in your bed), read why a lack of a sleep ... Read More »