Sunday, February 25, 2018
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11 Simple Hacks For Your Mac

Instantly Tweet Selected Text On Apple Macs running Mountain Lion and later, you can tweet almost any text on your Mac easily. Select the text, right click it, and select Tweet (sometimes you may find it in the “services” sub menu). Read More »

How To Get People To Follow You On Twitter

Getting Twitter follows by the hundreds isn’t a mystery. There are hundreds of websites that will let you purchase Twitter followers, but why would you spend your money when you can get free Twitter followers? Besides, the followers they are selling are typically bots and not real people. If they are real people, they don’t care anything about you. You ... Read More »

9 New Hacks For Netflix You Need To Know

The Netflix Enhancement Netflix and internet go hand-in-hand. This beautiful bundle of ingenious Netflix add-ons for Chrome will change your entire life for the better. With one quick installation, you can get IMDB profiles, trailers, and pop-up ratings from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. It’s seriously the greatest and if it went away, it would be more devastating to me than my last breakup. Oh yeah ... Read More »

Awesome & Helpful Internet Hacks

Nothing is more annoying than accidentally closing the page and forgetting what website you were on. If you accidentally close a tab on Google Chrome, press Control+Shift+T to bring it back from the dead. Read More »