Saturday, December 16, 2017
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8 Major Tech Mistakes You Must Stop Making Right Now

You Don’t Protect Your Smartphone Smartphones are so much a part of our lives these days that we take them for granted. They are computers filled with all of your private and personal info. In fact, one iPhone has more technology than Apollo 11. It seems like every year a new version of your favorite smartphone is released. Naturally you ... Read More »

How To (Legally) Download Free Music

Remember the good ole days where you could download and upload free music within seconds? Music licensing has pretty much put an end to the days of doing that on programs like LimeWire and Kazaa, and the legal music download sites have been all but shut down. There’s always a way to get music without spending a dime. You can ... Read More »

Snooze For Charity

If you’re like most people, you have trouble getting up every morning. Chances are your Snooze button is worn out on your clock or you have multiple alarms set on your phone. The Snooze App will either make you get up or pay out to charity. Every time you hit “snooze,” you donate $0.99 to a charity of your choice. ... Read More »

11 Hacks That’ll Change How You Use The iPhone

Take Pictures With Your Headphones There are times when photos become jittery, but a great way to lessen the possibility of blurry photos is to take photos by using your headphones as a shutter button. When in the camera app, simply press the center of the headphones and the photo is taken. iPhone developers knew exactly what they were doing! Read More »