Friday, February 23, 2018
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Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

Not only is this really cool to use in your own bathroom, but it makes a great gift too! 1. Buy a pretty bottle of booze. Jack Daniels always look good. 2. The best part of the project – drink the booze! 3. Buy a bottle of liquid soap – choose the fanciest pump you can find. 4. Pour soap ... Read More »

15 Wild Cocktails You Can Easily Make

Gin & Tonic From Space The drink mixes juniper gin, yellow chartreuse and almost 100 “cucumber alginate encapsulations.” (“Cucumber balls,” for the layman.) The end result is a refreshing gin and tonic that looks like the lava lamp you had as a kid. Read More »

Battleshots: Drinking Game

Next time you order pizza, save the boxes for your next big drinking extravaganza. To make the game, take a pizza box and a sharpie and draw the 10 by 10 game board on the bottom. Then take an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and draw another, smaller game board on the top which you can use to keep track ... Read More »