Saturday, December 16, 2017
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How To Get The Perfectly Softened Stick Of Butter

Many times, when cooking, a recipe will call for a stick of softened butter.  But for the most part, we either get it too hot and it melts completely when we warm it up or it seems to not melt at all.  Life would be so much easier if there was some way to soften butter to make it “workable” ... Read More »

How To Start A Peep War

Your kids will enjoy this more than you, but it really is fun for all ages! Grab two peeps and put a tooth pick in each one. Toss is it on a paper plate and microwave them. It’ll look like they’re jousting! No worries – there’s no mess. Read More »

How To Warm Up Pizza

We rarely finish all of the pizza we order, and let’s face it – it never tastes as good warmed up. There’s a trick to make it taste like it was just delivered to you again. When microwaving your pizza, put a glass of water in with it. It will keep your pizza from getting chewy. Read More »

Perk Up Your Coffee

Most people drink their coffee in the morning, and some of us even “crash” once the afternoon rolls around. We’ve all hit that disapointing wall to see the coffee pot has turned off and your warm caffeine fix is now cold. Let’s face it – the taste of warmed coffee can be thick and bitter. There’s an easy way to ... Read More »