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Every April, millions of people flock to their accountants so they can see how much of their hard-earned income they get to fork over to the government. Come the middle of April, they get in their cars, drive to the

When it comes to growing up, preparing a monthly budget is one of the biggest steps.  And while it is hard to prepare one and actually stick to it, this is one thing that will benefit you in the long

We live in a technologically advanced age these days and there are some things that we can go without.  While it is hard to predict what the future tech trends might be, companies are all taking a shot at future

We are always looking to make that quick extra buck here and there or looking to find the best deals in town.  Now, with technology being literally at our finger tips, it is easier to save money and even make

Have you ever heard the phrase, "you have to invest money to make money"? For most people, this is seemingly impossible. After all, how do you come up with the money in the first place? The obvious answer is to

There's no denying that education is one of the most important and useful things we can provide our children with. Unfortunately, they aren't always given the entire education they deserve. If you mention business loans, a personal finance plan, or

Listen to an audiobook while you exercise. Only allow yourself to listen WHILE exercising. You can also do this with your favorite podcast. Download the Fitocracy app to take your workouts to the next level. Fitocracy is an online social community that

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