Thursday, January 18, 2018
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How To Organize Your Entire Life

Being unorganized and inefficient often fuels stress and chaos. In turn, your life becomes miserable. Cleaning and organizing is a healthy part of your life that should not be overlooked. The more organized you are, the more you can accomplish. It’s true that some people get more done in an unorganized office, but leaving your business and office unorganized leads ... Read More »

Get Organized In 21 Days

We found this through Holiday Sparkle and loved it! This challenge will help you get organized in 21 days. This is excellent to do 3 or 4 times per year. Start on the first of the month and organize accordingly. Read More »

Organize Your Make-Up With Magnets

There’s a quicker way to put on your make-up, ladies. No longer do you have to dig through your make-up bags and pouches to find what you’re looking for. Buy a good-sized magnet board to hang on your bathroom wall. Pick up small magnets (they’re surprisingly cheap) and attach them to your beauty accessories. Not only does it look cool, ... Read More »

A Simple Hair Clip Holder

Tired of seeing hair clips everywhere? Not only are they all over the bathroom floor, you also never have one when you need it. Start storing your hair clips in an empty Tic Tac container. You’ll never lose them again! Read More »

How To Identify Different Keys

We’ve all spent too much time trying to find the right key. The easiest way to organize your keys is to cover the top of the keys with different colors of nail polish. It will make searching for keys much less stressful! Read More »

Organize Your Kid’s Markers & Color Pencils

Want a cool way to organize your kid’s markers and color pencils? Try cutting half of the bottom of a half gallon of milk off and hanging it on the wall. Not only does it look cool, they’ll also be more likely to put them back when they’re finished. This is also a great classroom cheat! Read More »