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17 Amazing DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Martini Remember when you had your dog spayed or neutered and they put that cone over them to keep them from biting or licking at the incision? Save that cone! Paint foam balls to look like olives, poke a hole through the center of each olive and feed the olives onto a wood dowel. Cut strips of ribbon, tie the ribbon ... Read More »

15 Amazing Apps Every Pet Owner Needs

Pet Phone ($2.99) Pet Phone makes tracking your pets health needs easy and fun. If you’re like us you have piles of old pet bills with your pets history laid out in a complete mess. Now you can enter everything into Pet Phone and have all the information at your fingertips. With Pet Phone you track everything from vet visits to ... Read More »

11 Unexpected Benefits Of Owning A Dog

Dogs help detect cancer sooner. In San Anselmo, California, Nancy Best noticed that her dog kept sniffing and licking at her right breast. Doctors soon after found breast cancer in that exact spot. You didn’t read that wrong! A dog’s amazing sense of smell can be used for cancer detection. Many dog owners have reported their dog sniffing, licking, or nudging ... Read More »

How To Create A German Pet Name

If you’ve ever thought American’s had strange names for different animals, you are probably right in that thought.  We, as American’s, have the strangest names when it comes to animals.  There are some out there that are obvious as to why they are named what they are because of what they do.  The best example of that would be an ... Read More »

First Aid Tips For Pets

Let’s face it, if you own a pet, it is just like another member of your family.  They travel with you, hang out with you, and love you no matter what.  That’s why we do whatever we can for them because we love them just as much.  If they are hungry, we feed them; thirsty, we give them water; and ... Read More »

How To Pet Your Pets

Anyone who owns a cat knows it is really hit or miss when it comes to loving on your purring friend. Sure – you can buy the best pet food and all of the addictive toys a feline can handle, but nothing will bring you closer than some simple loving and scratching. So can you pet your cat without having hand ... Read More »

How To Potty Train Your Cat

Toilet training your cat is not hard to do. It just requires time and patience and the right tools. During the toilet training process you will be molding your cats behavior and slowly transitioning them to using the toilet. Training consists of placing a training seat on your toilet filled with a small amount of litter. After your cat has ... Read More »