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If you've ever thought American's had strange names for different animals, you are probably right in that thought.  We, as American's, have the strangest names when it comes to animals.  There are some out there that are obvious as to

Let's face it, if you own a pet, it is just like another member of your family.  They travel with you, hang out with you, and love you no matter what.  That's why we do whatever we can for them

Anyone who owns a cat knows it is really hit or miss when it comes to loving on your purring friend. Sure - you can buy the best pet food and all of the addictive toys a feline can handle, but

A dog at a bar. A dog driving a Smart Car convertible. A surfing dog with sunglasses. A cat eating pizza. A tiny pygmy hippo eating lettuce. Betty White whispering to a giraffe. This fat cat. This kid. A pug wearing pug slippers. A cat with a permanent top

Toilet training your cat is not hard to do. It just requires time and patience and the right tools. During the toilet training process you will be molding your cats behavior and slowly transitioning them to using the toilet. Training consists

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