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8 Most Embarrassing Moments in Video Game History

PlayStation Network Shutdown in 2011 Early in 2011, the Playstation Network unexpectedly got shutdown for several weeks after hackers stole 7.7 million accounts worth of personal details and preventing users of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles from playing online through the service. At the time of the outage, with a count of 77 million registered PlayStation Network accounts, it was one ... Read More »

Top 8 Video Game Hoaxes of All-Time

Pokemon Red/Blue The Mew Truck Legitimately obtaining the legendary Pokemon Mew was one of the hardest tasks of the original Pokemon Red and Blue. The only way to add the creature to a Pokedex, without the use of a GameShark or glitch, was to attend an event where Nintendo gave the Pokemon away. Still, rumors began to surface that Mew was actually hidden in ... Read More »

How To Watch Every Episode of Pokémon Online

Pokémon is arguably the most popular cartoon and video game franchise of all time. Like most popular shows, so many episodes get made which makes it difficult to re-watch your favorites. Now you can relive your childhood or introduce your kids to the wild world of Pokemon! has almost every episode from all 17 seasons free for your viewing ... Read More »