Friday, December 15, 2017
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13 Ways Facebook Will Ruin Your Relationship

Relationship Status Since the dawn of Facebook, one of the unwritten rules of life is you are not officially in a relationship until it is posted on Facebook. You must both hit “okay” so your names are forever linked on each other’s page until the unthinkable happens. So why is this a problem? Many people do not like to have ... Read More »

18 Things Every Adult Must Avoid

IRS Debt Do you enjoy the government going through your personal finances and bank accounts? Hopefully you’ve never had to experience it, but you will if you get in debt with the IRS. You will spend your weekends studying tax debt relief and meeting with your accountants. At a young age, it may feel like you have better things to ... Read More »

No More Awkward Conversations

Never know what to say when you first meet somebody?  Instead of asking those personal details right off the bat, simply start by asking them what they LIKE to do, not what they do.  This will spark a conversation and allow that person to talk about themselves.  You can use this when meeting someone on a date or even in ... Read More »

Make HER Go Crazy For You!

Listen! Listen! Listen! This has to be the first thing on the list. Typically when she’s talking, your mind goes blank. You’ve learned the art of drifting off into your day dreams while seemingly acting completely interested in what she has to say. A good boyfriend is an active listener, meaning he asks questions and doesn’t just sit there, waiting for ... Read More »