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10 Best Cities For Hooking Up

(*These cities are listed in no particular order.) Nashville, Tennessee Believe it or not, the Music City is a great city for singles to live. Since the turn of the century, Nashville has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States. With hundreds of fun-themed bars to thousands of talented people moving to the city every year ... Read More »

25 Clear Signs She’s Not The One

Before we indulge in helping you discover whether you should get on one knee and ask the biggest question of your life, it should be pointed out that no human being is going to have every single one of these qualities. It all depends on which ones mean more to you. It should also be noted that this list is ... Read More »

The 15 Best Games To Play As A Couple

Kingdom Hearts Ever wondered what would happen if the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney collided? It’s an odd concept to be sure, but from the most schizophrenic of acorns the mighty gaming oak of Kingdom Hearts has grown. Legendary role-playing game makers Square have been given unprecedented liberties with the entire Disney universe and have created a game featuring everything from The Nightmare Before ... Read More »

15 Genius Tricks To Master The First Date

Whether you met them through a friend, at the grocery store, or through online dating, the dreaded first date is feared by many who are seeking a romantic partner. In just one outing, your confidence can either be taken up to a whole new level or crushed down to an all-time low. If you don’t know the person or it’s ... Read More »

35 Reasons To Stay Single As Long As Possible

It’s a real possibility that a large portion of our days are spent thinking about finding the perfect person to be with. We go to bed dreaming about when Prince Charming or Cinderella will come into our lives and sweep us off our feet. When you’re not in a relationship, you tend to forget about all of the work that ... Read More »

8 Things Young People Should Know About Love

Love has no age. Whether you’re 12 years-old walking down the hallway of your middle school, or 23 years-old and graduating college, you feel as if you could meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with at anytime. Love truly does have the power to blind us from reality. Of all of the emotions human beings experience, ... Read More »

10 Crazy Facts About Love You’ve Never Heard

What comes to your mind when you start think about love? For most people, walking down the isle to get married, a first kiss or first date, and the first time you admitted to yourself and partner that you were in love. When you’re in love, colors are brighter, people are happier, and life is generally better. Everywhere you look ... Read More »

Know What You Want And Need In A Relationship

With the world being so technologically advanced, it seems like the “personal” aspect of communication seems to be a lost art.  There is no need to go out any more to try and meet someone because of dating sites and online dating, but even in those situations, you have to know what it is you are looking for.  Most people ... Read More »

8 Things You Must Do When You’re Single

Generally, there are two types of people – those who want a relationship and those who enjoy being single. The good thing is we will all experience being both types multiple times in our lifetime. People often associate being single with loneliness and they fear it’s a stage they can get stuck in. One minute you’re flirting with anyone who ... Read More »

12 Powerful Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

You’ve been dating the same person for a long time and like every relationship, you’ve had your up and downs. You’re at that point where you need to decide if you are going to take the next step and continue down same path with that person or call it quits because you’re not on the same page. You don’t need to ... Read More »