Saturday, February 24, 2018
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10 Scary Reasons You Should Never Shave Pubic Hair

The war on pubic hair has officially begun! More and more studies are pointing to an increase in benefits in not shaving your pubic hair, even though that goes against the popular norm. Shaving body hair is nothing new. Ever since pornography became main stream, people across the globe are spending countless hours every week removing any evidence that hair ... Read More »

8 Convincing Reasons To Abstain From Sex

Dumb Reasoning Sex does crazy things to our minds. It can corrupt our brain in a matter of seconds. It can make us lose control and give in to our deepest temptations. These are actually all normal. However, a lot of people no longer have sex for normal reasons. Some of the dumb reasons for wanting to have sex, as documented by ... Read More »

6 STDs That Could Turn You Celibate

Remember sitting in health class for that week during middle school or high school where they separated the boys and girls to talk about the dangers of sexual intercourse? Instead of paying attention, you were looking around the room to see who else is uncomfortable or trying your hardest not to laugh because the teacher said, “penis.” It all seemed ... Read More »