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15 Strange Uses For Duct Tape

Spandex may look sexy but it can also be pretty expensive. For a cheaper alternative, wrap select parts of your torso with duct tape.   The form-hugging property of vinyl will highlight your contours and give you an eye-popping sexy look. Getting dates will be much easier once they imagine your figure just by looking at your duct tape dress. ... Read More »

Glow Sticks + Fan = Awesome

Buy four glow sticks of one color and four of other. Toward the end of the blades, tape four of the same colored glow sticks in the center. Toward the base of the blade, tape the other glow sticks. Turn your fan on high, turn off your lights, and enjoy! Read More »

A New Use For Cassettes

Cassettes may be a dead technology, but don’t consider them useless quite yet. You can actually use a cassette case as an iPhone stand. It fits perfectly and works great for watching movies. Read More »

How To Make Quick Cash

Want to make some quick cash with your friends? This works especially well for you college students. Get a willing friend and charge $1-$2 for each strip of tape. Do it in an open area and after a while, your buddy will start looking like this: Read More »

How To Find The Tape Tear

We’ve all spent countless minutes trying to find where we last tore the duct tape. Now you’ll never have to look again. Just put a paper clip on the tear after you rip a piece off. It may seem like a waste of time now, but you’ll definitely save time later! Read More »