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Batman Arkham City (Hard Mode) Time: 1:44:25 Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U Gamer: Robosparkle Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Time: 1:52:59 (Console record) Platform: Playstation 2, Xbox Gamer: Daniel Burns Super Mario 64 Time: 1:44:01 Platform: Nintendo 64 Gamer: Siglemic Pokémon Emerald Time: 02:43:24 Platform: GameBoy Advance Gamer: Werster Super Monkey Ball Time: 7:27.81 (Gameplay time) Platform:

Death by Fall One of the biggest confidence killers in gaming is going on a massive kill streak only to miscalculate a jump and fall to your death. Getting knocked off and falling to death is not bad, but being a klutz

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hot Coffee As if Grand Theft Auto wasn't controversial enough, the scandalous mini game (which was inaccessible throughout the game, though clever modders were able to unlock it) known as Hot Coffee allowed users to participate in

Make your smart phone the remote control. Stop whatever you are doing and download the free SmartGlass app for Xbox One. With it, your phone becomes a remote control for the Xbox One, one that's perfect for navigating the console's Internet Explorer

The most disliked guest gets the worst controller. If you have your friends over to play games on multiple occasions, it's worth the money to get nice controllers. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford them.

Every gamer is dedicated to their console of choice. Some people are loyal to Xbox, others are loyal to PlayStation, and of course you have the die-hards who will never touch a console over a computer. However, every single one

Like many other technological approaches, video games have also proved their worth in contributing towards educational enhancement. As we know, educational video games are an effective way to improve one’s critical thinking and problem solving nature. So this means they

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