Friday, December 15, 2017
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15 Things Life’s Too Short To Worry About

The Lives of Celebrities It’s amazing how many people obsess over the lives celebrities live. Almost everybody complains about how much people like Kim Kardashian are thrown in our faces, but the truth is they are thrown in our faces because people watch. Magazines and TV networks wouldn’t write articles or air shows if no one was paying attention. The ... Read More »

Puppies + Kittens = No Stress

Stressed out over an upcoming test or project at work? It’s no surprise, but scientists have recently confirmed that playing, petting, and grooming puppies or kittens will drastically reduce the stress and anxiety in your life. Another study showed that students who played with kittens and puppies on the day of an exam did significantly better than students who did ... Read More »

How To Get Away With Anything At Work

Tired of the boss always looking the cameras to make sure you’re not goofing off? Take a picture from the point of view of the camera and tape it in front of it. Unless your boss is a complete tool, they’ll probably catch on. So have your fun quickly! Read More »