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Batman Arkham City (Hard Mode) Time: 1:44:25 Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U Gamer: Robosparkle Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Time: 1:52:59 (Console record) Platform: Playstation 2, Xbox Gamer: Daniel Burns Super Mario 64 Time: 1:44:01 Platform: Nintendo 64 Gamer: Siglemic Pokémon Emerald Time: 02:43:24 Platform: GameBoy Advance Gamer: Werster Super Monkey Ball Time: 7:27.81 (Gameplay time) Platform:

The Haunted Cartridge Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask A user posted a story about how he obtained a blank N64 cartridge with “Majora’s Mask” written across it in black magic marker. He posted photos and videos along with the story that showed us

When an environmental impact report is released, you don't expect to see video games highlighted in red. That's exactly what Big Fish Games found, however. BFG found that electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills in our country. It should

So you want to be the next Hideo Kojima? We are not saying it is impossible, but brilliant and dedicated minds like Kojima's do not come around very often. However, with the right ideas and hard working attitude, you can

Unless you're new to the gaming world, you know all about modders. Modders spend entire days editing games to make them better

With thew new generation of gaming among us, it's hard to speculate what to expect with a down economy. We can speculate that sales will probably not match the previous generation's sales, but it very easily could surpass or come

Wear a weighted vest. A weighted vest wraps around your torso giving you about 20 pounds of weight or more to wear. Wear it while you are doing everyday activities and you will burn more fat and build muscle. Replace your regular

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